Change Time Format on the Windows 8 Lock Screen

By now almost everyone is aware of the changes made in the new OS. You might have seen the start screen that has replaced the traditional start menu, new lock screen that appears when you leave your computer for a while and many more. The new lock screen introduced in Windows 8 locks the screen and maintains your privacy appears. It appears when you hit the Windows key + L shortcut. In the screen you can see date, time and weather. You can find the format to be similar to the format seen. If you are the one who is fond of customizing lock screen date format, here is how you can achieve this.

changed time format

The appearance of Windows 8 Lock Screen time and date can be changed under the system Control Panel to some extent. To make changes in Lock screen editing of Windows 8 registry is necessary.

Follow the steps below to customize or change lock screen time and date format

  • Open Run dialog by holding down Windows Key + R
  • Next, type in regedit and hit enter.
  • This opens Windows registry editor, here navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ SystemProtectedUserData\S-1-5-21-[unique ID]\ AnyoneRead\LocaleInfo

localeinfo permission

  • Next, right click on LocaleInfo and select Permissions and check both the allow boxes here are checked and then click

permission localeinfo

  • OK, this makes the key editable
  • Various settings are available in the right pane, from there find out the option for TimeFormat key. Using the time format under the Region Control Panel, you can use basic syntax to adjust the appearance of the time.
  • You can use formats like HH:mm for 24-hour time format with a leading zero, H:mm without a zero, hh:mm for 12-hour time with zero, and h:mm to drop it. You can also add AM and PM indicators.


Using registry Edit to change the format setting allows you to select different format to display time in the taskbar clock.
The change takes effect soon after you make any changes in the registry, so there is no need to restart your system.

So, if you want to customize the date or time on Windows 8 lock screen, here is the tutorial how you can do so.


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