Can’t use Dell Recovery Tools on Windows 8 PC [How To]

How to use the Recovery Tools on Dell Windows 8 PC? Although it has been more than a year since the launch of Windows 8, there are users who are unable to use the recovery tools. If you are a novice and facing issues with how to use the recovery tools on Windows 8, then here is the tutorial how you can make use of the recovery tools in Windows 8.recovery tools dell windows 8 pc

Recovery tools or Recovery options are needed to set the recovery points on the system hard disk. It comes to use or say is useful when anything goes wrong on the system after say updating or launching software or some registry changes or any issues occurred suddenly on the system. Using the restore point you can get back to the set position or to the state where the system worked perfectly fine.

Restore is important and is always advised or recommended to set a restore point before making any changes on the system. So that any moment if anything goes wrong then you can retrieve back or restore back to original state or to the point where the system functioned properly. In this tutorial we will be describing about how to start using recovery tools on Dell Windows 8.

Go to the Start Screen or open charms bar and type in recovery. This will bring the Recovery tools tile on screen.

Click on the Recover tools utility and this will start launching the Dell Backup and Recovery tools

Once it is launched, click on the Recovery tile. This will open the several recovery menu as listed below

Recover your system using the System Recovery menu.

Recover data from a backup.

Create a backup of your apps and drivers

Quick access to downloads for your Dell system

You can select you option as per your need. It also allows you to backup data using USB. Simply connect it and your external hard disk will show up.

Using the recovery options you can get back your apps and drivers or restore back to factory settings.

Hope the tutorial here helps you get started or help you start using the recovery tool on Window 8.


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