Black screen After uninstalling App – How to fix it?

Black screen upon restarting after system hang. There can be several reasons causing this issue on Windows 8. Either the graphics card or drivers or any other culprits might cause this error on Windows 8. In this tutorial we have come up with some possible fixes to resolve issue with Windows black screen after restoring to factory settings or after installing some apps or software.

black screen fix windows8Fixes to resolve black screen after restoring to default settings or due to some other reason on Windows 8, try out the steps described below.

Undo all the recent installations or recently installed software or Apps and restart Windows 8. At times some Apps are not compatible with the OS.

If you receive error message prompting about missing Boot file on Windows or the system Hard disk drive failed. Once again go for restoring Factory Defaults.

You can download some memory tests to diagnose the health and performance of the system drive. If the memory test fails then HDD is in question and needs replacement.

Or else perform a clean boot. To do so, follow the steps described below.

Enter into Windows 8 safe mode after restarting the system. If you see black screen after booting in the safe mode, then perform clean boot. Open system configuration and click on the startup tab followed by un-checking all the non-Microsoft and restart PC.

You also try the automatic repair on Windows 8. Go to advanced start up option and select Automatic repair.

Run system file checker. Often corrupted system files can cause the black screen on Windows. Open Elevated command prompt and type in sfc/ scannow. This will replaceĀ  the corrupted system files.

Finally you can attempt restore option to retrieve back to its state where it functioned perfectly fine.
Hope the steps described above help you fix issue with black screen on Windows 8.
Upon following the fixes described in this tutorial you can fix issue with Windows 8 black screen on Windows 8.


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