Best Music Apps for Windows 8

Windows 8 avails many features that were completely absent in the earlier version of Windows OS. Windows 8 App store is one such added feature that allows you to install various apps and enhance your experience with Windows 8. Music is something that everyone is fond of. Windows 8 Store includes various Apps that can enhance your musical experience. Follow the tutorial below to know some of the interesting Apps to boost your musical experience in Windows 8.

music apps windows 8



First app listed in here is the native music app. This App is pretty decent and allows you to access to some of the newest and most popular albums available.

Smart DJ

It is another great tool that starts playing similar songs by entering a few artists. You can look for someone in particular with the search function. Simply type the name or genre of music you want to hear, the app starts searching for songs related to your query. Opt for a artist and you can enjoy a nice slideshow of photos and a perfectly reliable stream of music similar to that.

iHeart Radio


iHeart Radio is quite similar to that of Pandora and Spotify. This is again a great app with simple interface providing access to a bunch of local and non-local stations. Upon playing any song, you are provided with information on album art and artist.
It also allows you to create a custom station and for this you need to sign up and it’s free.

Slacker Radio

slacker radioAnother most similar to Pandora App is the Slacker Radio. This provides a more personalized way that is quite different from other radio apps available in the Windows Store. When you skip or like a song, the app starts learning your taste and adjust the stations songs accordingly.

TuneIn Radio


TuneIn Radio is a good app for the one who get stuck in car for hours. Apps like this make the commute much less painful.

It allows you to browse through local stations, by category, and listen for hours on end with a very clear stream and you can also access some of the best stations around the nation.


musiXmatchMusixMatch is a fantastic App for the one who loves reading the lyrics while playing the song. It is lyric provider. It has the capability of listening songs that are played in the background with a microphone enabled on your Windows 8 desktop and also shows lyrics for the songs present in your music library. So, you can now sing along and know what actually the artists are saying.

The tutorial here let you know some of the music Apps in Windows 8 for music lovers.


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