Basic Mouse Control Operations to Launch Programs in Windows 8

Windows 8 is developed keeping in the mind that it is used for the touch input devices as well as the computer. The metro interface proves the above stated words. Mouse provides better flexibility to the users. Here is the tutorial how to use your mouse to control and launch certain features in Windows 8.

Basic Mouse Control Operations

Use your Mouse to open Start Screen

Rather using the Windows key to launch the Start Screen, you can carry out the operation with mouse also. You might have noticed that the Start Menu button missing from the screen, but on hovering your mouse towards the bottom left corner of the metro screen, you will get a small rectangle showing thumbnail of the Start Menu. Click on it and the Start Menu launches.

Launch any App from Tile

Simply left click upon any app tile to launch it.

Live Tile Property

To get to the tile property, right Click on the corresponding tile and you will get different options available for that tile such as Unpin from Start / Pin to Start, Uninstall, Smaller/Larger, All apps, etc.

Move Tile

Click and drag the tile to move to your desired position.

Navigate Tiles

In order to navigate the tiles, scroll down to see the tiles of the right and scroll upward to see tiles of the left. Or simply click on arrow pointing towards right at the bottom of the screen or the arrow pointing towards left to navigate the tiles in Metro UI.

Access Charm Bar

Move your mouse towards extreme right side of the metro screen or at the bottom right, you will get the Charm bar in Windows 8 Pro. The charm bar can be used to get to the device settings and many others.

Last opened apps

Upon moving the mouse cursor to the top-left corner of the screen and you can get the last opened application thumbnail. To close that app right click on that screen and select close.

Get List of all opened application

There are two ways to get this.

  • Go to the top-left corner of the screen. There you can find the last opened application. Upon scrolling mouse you will get the list.
  • Navigate to the left side of the screen, little below the top-left corner you can see the list of applications opened currently.

Some basic mouse operations are described above which will ease may users to get to the properties and launch certain programs with a single click.


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