Backup App data with Windows 8 App Data Backup

When you think of reinstalling or reset or refresh your Windows 8, the first thing that comes to mind is to create a backup for the entire Apps installed in the system. In windows 8, once you install any apps there is no option to change the path or backup the app data. Here is the tutorial how you can backup Windows 8 Apps Data.

Windows 8 App Data Backup
Before performing tasks like Reset, Refresh or re-install or making any changes in the OS, you are recommended to keep a backup for all Windows 8 Apps and data. Since, Windows 8 doesn’t give an option to change the path to backup data. You can take the help of third party tool named Windows 8 App Data Backup to backup all app data.

Windows 8 App Data Backup is a handy freeware that provides the grants the permission to backup app data to Windows 8 user from the installed apps and restore it back as it was. This software is only capable to backup data and not app.
You need to have Microsoft Dot NET Framework 4.5 Version installed in your Windows 8 system in order to run the software.

Access Windows 8 App Data Backup Software

Before using windows 8 app data backup software in order to backup all app data on windows 8, make sure that all the apps are closed.

Upon installing the software, it will show the names of all installed windows 8 apps on main interface along with Backup and Restore button.

Now click on tab to select the apps that you want to backup from the list one by one or if you want to backup the entire app data, simply click on select all button.

Windows 8 Apps Data Backup

Next, click on Backup Now button and select the target location as in where you want to create the backup or save the backup in specific computer drive or USB or cloud.

By using Windows 8 App Data Backup you can now backup the app data in your Windows 8 system.


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