AutoPin Controller prevents Apps from getting Pinned to the Start Screen

You must have noticed that when you install a particular program the installer adds shortcuts of installed programs on the desktop, start menu and sometimes on the quick start menu. But, where are these shortcuts added in case of Windows 8 OS. Yes, it is the start screen where the shortcuts are added. Earlier when you install couple of additional shortcuts on the start menu it doesn’t matter because the start menu was small and it didn’t expand more than it is necessary and the icons themselves were small. But this is not the case in Windows 8 start screen; here the icons are fat and thick. Upon Installing a number of programs the start screen elongates and so. You can put hold on this expansion using a third party program called AutoPin Controller. Follow the tutorial below to know how it works.

AutoPin Controller prevent Apps Pinned-Start Screen

AutoPin Controller is a freeware that prevents the shortcuts from pinning to the Windows start screen.
It simply or say temporarily put a hold on programs that want to pin tiles to your start screen during installation. To prevent shortcuts from being added to start screen simply click on the “Lock Pin to start screen feature” button in the main screen of the freeware before you start installing a program. Once the installation is completed, click another button to disengage the lock. This freeware comes in handy when you are about to install a large number of application.

autopincontrollerBut, the drawback using AutoPin Controller is that you have to manually run it, it would have been great if was automatic. Make sure to run this tool before you start installing a program.

You can also prevent the shortcuts from getting pinned to the start menu by keeping an eye on the installation process as most of the installers ask whether you want shortcuts placed on the start menu/start screen and desktop. You can disagree the option there.

AutoPin Controller has another interesting feature i.e. to reset the Start Screen with one click. Once you reset the start screen all tiles or shortcuts placed by third party programs and you are left with the earlier logon state.

You can now easily prevent shortcuts from getting pinned in Windows 8 start screen by using AutoPin Controller.


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