Auto-Removal of Recently opened Programs History on Windows 8 Shutdown

Whenever you attempt to search for any item on the system search, it has been noticed that the earlier searches or search history pop-ups. There are similar other features is Windows where the history are stored for future use. But, there are many users out there who might not be in favour of tracking or storing of history in Windows as it might risk to user privacy. Here in this tutorial we will be discussing about how to remove recently opened programs history in Windows delete recent documents history windows8Recent programs or recently opened documents are tracked down in Windows 8 so that the next time when you want to access the same documents or files you can do so by going to the recent programs on the file explorer. The recently accessed documents history doesn’t get deleted even after rebooting your system which can be a great issue to worry about as it risks your privacy. Here is how you can remove recent opened documents history in Windows 8.

Windows 8 avails option to delete recently opened documents history but by default is disabled. The procedure below shows how to enable automatic deletion of recently opened documents history in Windows 8.

Before moving on to procedure make sure you have set restore point and logged in as Administrator.

Steps to Auto-Delete recently opened documents history on Exit in Windows 8

  • Open RUN dialog box using Windows + R and type in gpedit.msc and hit Enter. It will open Windows 8 Local Group Policy editor
  • In the left pane of policy editor, expand User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Start menu and the taskbar

delete recent documents history windows8

  • In the right pane of Start Menu and taskbar, look for Clear history of recently opened documents on exit and double click on it
  • This opens the properties window, here to enable auto deletion of recently opened documents history in Windows 8, select the Enabled Radio Button

clear recent programs w8

  • Finally, hit OK to apply the changes and close the editor.

Either update policy editor or Reboot system to apply the changes. On system reboot, you can find that all the recent opened documents history is removed.

All Windows 8 version doesn’t avail Local Group Policy editor. So, make sure your copy of Windows has Policy Editor.

This is all you need to do turn off or delete recent opened documents history on exit in Windows 8. If you wish to remove recent accessed history in Windows 8, follow the steps described here in this tutorial.


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