Add Free Live Tile Clock to Windows 8 Start Screen

Have you noticed Windows 8 start screen doesn’t show time? With the addition of new feature in windows 8, Microsoft has overlooked many features. For instance, the clock that enables you to show time in no time. In the earlier version of Windows one can see the time in lower left corner of the desktop screen. But, in case of Windows 8 you can no longer see the clock in the start screen. Here is the tutorial how you can overcome this lacking time management feature or say how you can add clock to your Windows 8 start screen.

Add Live Tile Clock Windows 8 Start Screen

We often look for time while working on the desktop. Unlike the earlier versions of Windows OS where the time was available in the lower left corner of the desktop screen Windows 8 shows time upon accessing the charms bar. You need to hover mouse over to the top right of the Start Screen to open up the Charms bar or press Windows key + C to acquire charms. Here is the tutorial how you can add clock to your Windows start screen by adding clock tile to start screen.

missing time windows 8 add free live tile clock your start screen

Some Microsoft developers have also come across this mere problem and have developed a few apps to enable time on start screen. These APPs are made available in the Windows Store. Go to Start Screen and select the Windows Store application. When the app launches, type in Clock Tile, and you are with the results that appears automatically.

add free live tile clock apps start screen

You get to see quite a few options. Here you can download Tile Time and Clock Tile as they are free. To update time accurately, you need to open the app and click allow to run the App in background.

This added clock tiles updates in the same manner as it does for the other tiles on the start screen and flips over as the time updates.

The clock doesn’t update until you update it and from some point of view it is nice as you need to update only when you are looking for it. These downloaded clock apps doesn’t prefer changing its color so select which fits your preference.

Hope Microsoft will soon add own clock tile to the next Windows 8 update so that we no longer have to download any extra application until then use the clock tiles to manage time.


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