Adding Administrative Tools to Windows 8 Metro Start screen

The metro start screen of Windows 8 presents the live tiles features to represent the recently used programs. You might know that Windows 8 accompanies the feature of pinning control panels, WebPages, folders, etc. to the metro start screen. Follow the tutorial to know how you can pin the administrative tools to the start screen.

pin Windows 8 admin tools start screen

Various third party apps are available for pinning any programs on the Windows 8 start screen. A freeware named Start Screen Pinner can be used to pin any file to the start screen interface. But, you can now pin programs to the start screen without using any extra software.

To begin the process of pinning press keyboard shortcut Windows Key + C that will bring up the Charms bar on the Windows screen, and then click on Settings. The various administrator tools that can be added to your start screen are Performance Monitor, Computer Management, Windows Memory Diagnostic, System Configuration, Event Viewer, Local Security Policy, System Information, ODBC Data Sources (64-bit), Task Scheduler, Resource Monitor, Print Management, Services, Disk Cleanup, Component Services, and Windows Firewall with Advanced, Widows PowerShell ISE, Defragment & Optimize Drives, and iSCSI initiator.

Perform the following steps given below to pin the admin tools that are mentioned above to the Start screen.

charms settings tiles

  • Get to the Start screen and hold Win+C key to bring up the Settings charm or by moving mouse cursor to the upper-right or lower-right corner of the windows screen and then clicking Settings. Or else you can also press Windows + I hotkey to see the Settings charm.
  • Upon the appearance of the charms bar settings, click on Tiles option
  • Enable the option Show admin tools that will display over 20 admin tools on your Start screen.

If you are unable to see the Tiles option on Settings charm, then you might have opened the settings charm from the desktop mode which doesn’t show Tiles option. So always make sure to open the charms bar from the Start screen itself.

If you want to remove certain admin tools tiles from the screen all you need to do is right click on the tile that is to be removed and click on Start screen.

Upon following the above stated instructions you can easily pin the admin tools to your Windows 8 metro start screen


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