Acer Launch Manager Cannot be Launched – How to Fix it?

Laptops and Notebooks come with customized keys to perform certain actions much quickly. For example, to turn On or turn OFF Bluetooth by simply hitting a single key makes the device easier to access. The Acer folks have come out with some sort of problems in launching the Launch manager on hitting the customized keys to start the predefined programs. In this tutorial we will be discussing about how to fix issues with the launch Manager in Windows.

Acer launch manager

The specialized keys perform the predefined actions but sometimes fail to operate as it’s designed to. If you are facing any difficulties with the launch manager in your Acer PC or laptop, then try the fixes described ahead.

Acer Launch Manager key or button on the laptop helps in enabling or disabling Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on the system, but failing to launch the manager can be irritating as you need to follow some other ways to access them. So try out the fixes ahead and see if they help you fix the problem.

Firstly, Update Windows. Outdated Windows driver can create this kind of errors. Check for updates and update the system. Once done try the launching the manager again.

Outdated Launch Driver Manager can also be the culprit causing such issues on the system. So, visit the official Acer site to download the compatible driver for your model.

Try removing junk and obsolete system files using ccleaner or other software and restart your PC. See if this help in functioning of the Launch Manager on Windows PC.

Most users have recommended that updating the system drivers helps to get rid of many issues on thew Windows system.

If none of the fixes help you solve the problem, try the troubleshooting App in Windows 8. Hope the fixes described above help you troubleshoot the errors with the launch Manager.


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