Acer Aspire 5740 Touchpad not working – How to Fix it?

Acer Aspire 5740 Touchpad fails to respond or say not working. The touchpad on laptop not working seems to be a common problem for many laptop users out there and the reasons might be several ones. Here is the tutorial about how to fix issues with Acer Aspire 5740 Touchpad not working.

acer aspire touchpad not working fix

The touchpad seems to work for a bit and then goes unresponsive or completely is out of order. To fix the touchpad issues we have come up with some possible fixes that are discussed in this tutorial.

Laptop comes with a key to turn on or off the touchpad. You might have turned off or hit the key accidentally. So try turning on the Laptop touchpad. See if this helps in bringing the touchpad in work.

Next try updating the touchpad drivers. Often outdated drivers can be the cause for this nuisance. Open device manager by searching for it in the charms bar. Go to touchpad drivers like synaptic or another and update the drivers. Ore simply click on this link to go to the official site where you can find the correct drivers for your laptop.

Corrupted system files can also be responsible in causing this issue. Open elevated command prompt and type in sfc/ scannow and hit enter. Run the command with Admin privileges. This will replace or fix the corrupted system files and might help you fix the problem.

Open task manager and see if you are running any programs that might have disabled the touchpad. Or else try ending all the tasks running on the system and see if you can access the touchpad.

Run a full system scan using updated Antivirus or Microsoft security Essential. Malware or Virus activities can also prevent the touchpad from working. Restart the system once you have completely scanned the system.

If you still unable to use the touch pad then the touch pad sensor might be the faulty one. Take it to the computer hardware expert to fix or claim warranty if you have so.

That’s it. Hoping the troubleshooting steps described here help you fix the problem with the Acer Laptop Touchpad not working.


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