Access the By-passed Start Screen within click or one Key shortcut

How to access Start Screen within click or one key shortcut after installing third part software that bypasses Start screen? We all are aware of the fact that Windows 8 doesn’t sport start menu button on the taskbar. So, many third party utility programs have been developed to create a start button on Windows 8. Often third party Apps not only adds start menu to the taskbar but also offers features to disable or bypass start screen and hot corners. In this tutorial we will be discussing about how to get to the start screen after bypassing start screen using software.

win8 by pass start Screen

Start screen is the screen that appears as soon as you sign-in to Windows 8. Many users don’t favor that and bypass using third part utilities. But often you might want the start screen but you for that you need to go through multiple steps. The third party utilities bypasses it takes over some of the key function, like when you hit the win key you see the start menu on screen. So, here is how you can get to the start screen by a hitting a key or directly.

To show the start screen back after installing the third party utility you can disable the feature or go into the settings of the third party installed software and enable the start screen.

Or try to find out a different way to open start screen without enabling them back or follow up a series of steps to enable the start screen. Try these combinations and see if this helps you to open the start screen

Press Shift+Win or Shift+click or press Ctrl+Win.

Or read the site from where you obtained the third party to get a description on how to open or access start screen quickly without following a number of steps.

Hope the tutorial here help you get rid of the problem with getting to the Windows 8 start screen.


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