Access Calendar Store App from the start screen in Windows 8

Here is another tutorial about how to create shortcut for calendar App. You can access calendar within clicks using the shortcut. Further you can pin the shortcut to start screen or taskbar for easier access. Follow the tutorial here to create a Metro “Calendar” Store app shortcut in Windows 8.

calendar app shortcut

Start screen is the first screen to be displayed once you login your account. You can pin anything like files or folders or Apps to start screen to access easily when you boot up.

Steps to Create a “Calendar” App Shortcut in Windows 8 manually

Follow the steps below to Create a “Calendar” App Shortcut in Windows 8 manually,

  • Firstly, right click on a empty area on the desktop, and select New > Shortcut
  • In the craete shortcut wizard, copy and paste the command below in the location field, and hit the Next button

%windir%\System32\cmd.exe /c start “” “wlcalendar:” && exit

type location

  • Next, name the shortcut in the next window that opens and click on the Finish button

name shortcut

  • You can now see the shortcut for calendar on screen. now, right click on it and select the properties
  • In the properties window, click on the Shortcut tab
  • Next, hit the Change Icon button and click on the Browse button and navigate to the folder where you have saved the icon downloaded from internet or else you can choose any default shortcut for the shortcut
  • Finally, hit OK and close all windows.

Now, your shortcut is ready to use. Hit the shortcut whenever you want to open the calendar App on Windows 8.

For better accessibility, you can pin to Taskbar on desktop or Pin to Start screen or add to Quick Launch, assign a keyboard shortcut to it, or move this shortcut to anywhere you feel it would easy to use.

If you are interested in creating shortcut for Calendar for easier access in Windows 8, here is the tutorial how you can create calendar shortcut and open it within clicks from start screen by pining it to the start screen.


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