5 Ways to Launch Windows 8 PC Settings

If you are novice or have recently updated to Windows 8, then you will find it really tiring in finding many features on it as Windows 8 has made many changes as compared to the earlier versions. You have to figure it out by spending a little time and to get along with the new features. Windows 8 has an alternate to the classic Control Panel that is PC Settings panel. It is from where you can find various other settings on your Windows 8 system. Here is the tutorial detailing about how you can access Windows 8 PC settings.

ways to open windows 8 pc settings

5 Ways to Open Windows 8 PC Settings

Here are different ways to Access Windows 8 PC Settings.

pc settings

Open from User Menu on the Start screen

You can open Windows 8 PC Settings from the start screen or say the fastest way to access PC settings. Simply click on your user name and then on Change account picture. This takes you to Personalize section under PC settings.

change account picture

Open with new Charm Bar settings

Windows 8 has included a new feature called Charm bar, which allows you to access many feature on Windows 8. Press Windows key + C / W to bring up the charms bar or move the mouse cursor to the top or bottom right corner of the screen. A black background appears for the charms. Click on Settings option and then go to Change PC settings.

charms bar settings pc settings windows 8

Using PC Settings Shortcut on the Desktop

You can create a shortcut for PC settings on the desktop to open it.

PC Settings Shortcut on the Taskbar

You can create a PC setting shortcut and Pin to Windows 8 Taskbar. You can now open the PC settings from the taskbar.

From the Control Panel

Using control panel to launch or open PC Settings is little burdensome. Open Control Panel from the start screen icon and go to User Accounts and Family Safety and then to User Accounts. Next, click on Make changes to my account in PC settings option and you are on PC settings now.

You should try opening PC Settings from all the steps described above and choose the one that is suitable to you.
Upon following the steps described above you can launch PC settings easily on your Windows 8 system. You no longer have to spend time in looking for the PC settings as you can follow any of the steps or methods described to access Windows 8 PC Settings.


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