How to Fix Error – A digitally signed Driver is required?

Often when running or installing certain drivers you get an error saying “A digitally signed Driver is required”. That means the driver you are running is not verified and hence the system won’t run it. For security and better performance Windows introduced Driver Signature Verification feature in Windows 8.1. But at times we need the unsigned drivers. In this tutorial we will be discussing about how to disable Driver Signature Verification function on 64-Bit Windows 8.1.

fix digitally signed Driver required

Windows 8.1 doesn’t allow the unsigned drivers but you need to run. This for the security reasons as the unsigned drivers might threat the system. Whenever you encounter the error A digitally signed Driver is required, try the steps described below to disable Driver Signature Verification and run the unsigned without any hindrance.

Steps to Disable Driver Signature Verification Feature on Windows 8.1

  • Open Charms Bar using Win + C and go to Settings Charm.
  • Next, click on Change PC settings link at the bottom. You see the Control Panel. Here navigate to Update & recovery
  • In the left pane, click on the Recovery option. The Advanced Startup menu appears in the right side, here hit the Restart Now button.
  • When the system reboots, select the Troubleshoot option and go to Advanced options > Startup Settings.
  • You will be asked to restart for the last time to disable the driver signature enforcement. Hit the Restart button.
  • Lastly, hit the F7 key to Disable driver signature enforcement on the startup settings window.

Here you are. You can now install unsigned drive without any kind of error on Windows 8.1. Make sure that the driver signature is enabled for security reasons. If you really don’t need the unsigned do not enforce the disabling of driver signature.

Now onwards, when you see the error “A digitally signed Driver is required”, try the steps illustrated below. Hope the tutorial here helps you disable the driver signature on Windows 8.1.


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