Hide Taskbar from Windows 8.1 Metro Screen – How To?

Folks out there who have updated their PC or tablets to Windows 8.1 then you must have noticed the new features. With the launch of windows 8, peeps talked about the missing start menu and taskbar at the metro screen. Though some hacks and software’s did the trick but Microsoft has added the Taskbar to the metro apps too. Taskbar was indeed added for easier navigation to pined items and in several other ways. Here is the tutorial how you can remove the universal desktop taskbar from the Metro Apps screen.

remove taskbar Windows 8.1 Metro Screen

3 Steps to Remove Taskbar from the Windows 8.1 Metro Screen

In Windows 8.1 the OS itself carries along the option to disable the taskbar from the Metro screen. The Guy’s here have come up with some awesome trick to get rid of the universal desktop taskbar. The Taskbar certainly helps in easier access or navigation from one mode to the other.

To get rid of the universal taskbar or get rid of the taskbar from the Windows Store Apps or Metro screen, follow the steps discussed ahead.

  • Firstly open the Taskbar and Navigation Properties window, to do so, right click on the taskbar
  • Next hit the Taskbar tab. Here you can see the option stating Show Windows Store apps on the taskbar

windows 8.1 taskbar properties

  • Simply uncheck the box to hide the taskbar from metro screen and click OK.

Now navigate to Metro screen and see the taskbar removed. The taskbar now only appears on the desktop mode.
The trick worked. People who are looking for the ways to remove or hide the taskbar from the Metro screen, this tutorial will help you sort out your issues with the taskbar.

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