Unable to Create new Partition upon Installing windows 8.1 – How to Fix it?

Windows could not create a new partition or locate an existing one – Do you encounter this kind of error message upon upgrading to new Windows 8.1? This kind of error generally occurs when something is preventing the system disk part or anything on hard drive prevents the system to install the new OS. In this tutorial we will be discussing some possible ways to troubleshoot this issue on Windows 8.

windows 8.1 problem installation fixUpon trying to install windows 8.1 the system displays error like Windows could not create a new partition or locate an existing one, be it from the USB drive or CD. So, here are some fixes to resolve issues with Windows 8.1 installation.

Before you install a new OS make sure your hard drive is properly formatted. After it is formatted make sure your system meets the requirements for operating Windows 8.1.

Your system must boast a Processor of 1GHz or faster. It must embed a RAM of 16 GB (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit) along with a GPU unit of Microsoft DirectX 9 with WDDM driver.

If your system meets your requirements then proceed to installation. If you were running Windows 8 then you can upgrade by following this link.

If you are not able to install due to the earlier said error, then try this

  • Insert your USB and boot into the system from it
  • Next, go to Repair Your Computer.

If this fails then proceed to the next command.

Go to RE (recovery environment) and select command prompt and type in the mentioned commands:

Disk part

list disk

This prompt will list down all your system drives with information related to your system status, total space and free space. If your HDD is formatted or say there is nothing then it will be indicated as invalid and free space will be allocated as 0 bytes.

Select your disk number and type in the command
Select disk_disk number

This will clean or free space and will verify that your HDD is ready for installation.

list disk

Now, it will prompt the status as online and free space should be indicating disk size


This will close the elevated command prompt.

Restart your system and boot using your USB with Windows 8.1
In the process of installation, under select disk to install windows you would be able to view the hard disk drives so your problem is fixed.

If you are still unable or encounter the same error then try installing Windows server or contact the manufacturer or any hardware support executive to get this issue resolved on Windows PC.

Hope the fixes described above help you fix issues with installation of windows 8.1.


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