Steps to Enable Slideshow on Lock Screen in Windows 8.1

This October Microsoft is officially launching the upgrade version of Windows 8 that is Windows 8.1. With the missing start menu and several other changes made in Windows 8, many users out there deal with many problems. So, Microsoft has decided to bring back the start menu in Windows 8.1. Windows 8 had a lock screen that is quite useful for tab or Windows 8 Smartphone but not for desktop users. In this article we will be discussing about some how to turn the lock screen into a slideshow in Windows 8.1

Enable Slideshow Lock Screen Windows 8.1Microsoft is bringing the start menu back in Windows 8.1 along with direct boot into desktop mode rather going to the start screen first. Many users complained about booted to start screen, but Windows 8.1 will include feature to boot directly into desktop mode. Lock screen in Windows 8 appears and lock down the desktop to prevent data theft or access to your system when you were not around the system or went out with your system On. The lock screen locks the desktop and to bypass it you need to provide the user password, but the lock screen seems to have the same wallpaper.

So, Windows 8.1 allows you to set a slideshow with the lock screen. You can set slideshow with the pictures included in the system and Sky drive account.

Steps to Enable Slideshow in Windows 8.1 Lock Screen

In order to enable this feature, firstly navigate to Modern UI and then do as directed below.

  • Open Charms bar by moving your mouse cursor to your right screen or Press Win + C in Windows 8.1

windows8.1 metroscreen

  • Click on Settings icon
  • Under Power and Keyboard controls, select Change PC settings
  • In the PC & Devices column, click Lock Screen

windows8.1 slideshow

  • Now drag the slider beneath Play a slide show on lock screen towards right i.e. enable it
  • Next to play pictures from your sky drive folder or any other folder consisting your images, add them by clicking on the + button beneath Use Pictures From. Choose your desired folder pics to play on the lock screen slideshow
  • If you want Windows to choose pictures to be played on the slideshow then drag the slide ON Let Windows choose pictures for my slide. This will let Windows to automatically opt for the slide screen pics
  • Next, set the time i.e. after how many minutes you want your slideshow to appear. Select your preference from the drop down menu beneath Show the lock screen after my PC is inactive for, so that the slide show appears after that set time of Inactive PC.
  • You can also turn Off the slideshow after a set time period, if you want. Select a time from the drop down menu under the tag Turn Off Screen after slide show has played for.

So, this is how you can turn the boring lock screen to a slide show screen. You can add pictures from your computer to be played on the slideshow when your system sits inactive after a time being on Windows 8.1. [Via]


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