Enable Magnifier and its Associated options in Windows 8.1

As already known by now Windows 8.1 will surface this October and so as the eager to know what all features does it accommodates this time. Microsoft has made various modifications in Windows 8.1 and has also eradicated some of the flaws that annoyed Windows 8 users. Windows 8.1 comes with start menu, magnifier many other features. Here is the tutorial how to use the magnifier in Windows 8.1.use magnifier windows8.1

Windows 8.1 accommodates the missing start menu, customizable start screen, silent notifications, etc. the magnifier in Windows 8.1 helps you to zoom anything on the Windows screen. It is really useful when there is something that is unreadable or its difficult to read due to its font size, there the magnifier proves to be useful. It is also helpful to user having poor eyesight. The Magnifier not only magnifies any item on screen but also comes with features like invert colors that are useful to users suffering color blindness and Magnify Automatically that will automatically magnify things when needed. You can set the magnifier as per your comfort zone of visibility.

By default Windows 8.1 has disabled the Magnifier, so to enable the magnifier follow the steps described below.

Enable Magnifier in Windows 8.1

  • Press Win + C to open the charms bar and click on the Settings charm
  • Open PC settings by clicking on Change PC Settings
  • In PC settings pane, select Ease of Access

ease of access

  • You can now see the Magnifier turned OFF and other magnifier options are grayed out

windows 8.1ease of access magnifier

  • To turn on the Magnifier and its associated options simply drag the slider beneath Magnifier towards Right (ON).

windows 8.1 magnifier

When you drag the slider you can observe that the objects on the screen are all magnified. Once you turn ON the Magnifier you can now make changes or customize the magnification settings like zoom in per cent, view mode, invert colors, and start magnifier automatically.

To invert the colour of the screen simply drag the slider beneath the option and your screen color is inverted.

So, this is how you can make use of Magnifier in Windows 8.1. People who face difficulties in reading from the computer screen can also make use of the Magnifier in Windows 8.1.

Hopefully the steps described above help you how to use the Windows 8.1 Magnifier.


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