Disabling feature “Let apps use my webcam” in Windows 8.1

With the launch of Windows 8 we came across many features. As Microsoft came up with Windows 8 for both PC and smartphones there were features which were not useful on PC but most of them were used found useful. The charms bar introduced in Windows 8 was quite a useful one that gives access to various other features. Like Windows 8, the new Windows 8.1 also comes with feature that enables Apps to use Webcam when in need. This feature might be useful but there are users who don’t favor this feature on Windows 8.1. In this tutorial we will be describing about how to enable or disable the feature to allow the use of webcam by Apps loaded in Windows 8.1.

windows 8.1 enable disable webcam

Like Windows 8, the new Windows 8.1 also comes loaded with Apps. There are Apps who make use of the webcam as default setting. For instance, Apps like People and Mail, calendar make use of Webcam by default. Though webcam is useful in minimizing the distance as you can see and chat with your near ones no matter how far they are. But at times it is absurd if the webcam gets enabled with the activation of the App without your concern. So, to abandon this situation you can disable the feature Let apps use my webcam in Windows 8.1.

Follow the steps described below to enable or disable Webcam on use of App in Windows 8.1.

Manage Webcam Access in Windows 8.1

These steps will allow users to manage when the webcam is to be enabled or say the users will manage when the webcam should be turned on.

  • Firstly, press Windows + C to open charms bar and click on Settings charm and select Change PC Settings at the bottom or use Windows + I to open PC settings directly.
  • Next, go to Privacy and click on it

Windows 8.1 Privacy webcam

  • Now, select Webcam
  • In the right pane, Under Webcam you can see the slider beneath Let Apps use my webcam, to disable it drag the slider to the left towards OFF. You can see other options related to Webcam features grayed out.

That’s all. Your Webcam will no longer be enabled whenever the Apps need it. To enable the Let Apps use the Webcam feature, simply drag the slider towards right and the feature is enabled allowing Apps to use the Webcam when needed.

Hope the steps described above help you enable or disable feature “Let apps use my webcam” in Windows 8.1.


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