Customizing Windows 8.1 Start Screen

This October Microsoft has decided to launch Windows 8.1 to overcome all the flaws of Windows 8. Windows 8.1 will come with original start menu and customized lock screen and many other new features. In this tutorial we will be discussing about how to customize Widows 8.1 appearance i.e. re-size tiles and change start screen background.

resize Windows 8.1 tiles Start Screen

Almost many users out there like customizing their desktop. To make your desktop appear more customized and personal after updating to Windows 8.1 here is how you can customize your metro start screen. Microsoft has added certain settings to make the new Windows 8.1 look more customized.

With newly added start menu that was missing in Windows 8, Microsoft has also added a boot-to-desktop mode and having the desktop background as the Start screen wallpaper. Here is how you can resize the tile on Windows 8.1 start screen.

Steps to Resize Windows 8.1 Start Screen Tiles

  • As Windows 8.1 offers settings to directly boot to the desktop unlike Windows 8, firstly navigate to start screen and right click on the respective tile whose size is to be changed or resized
  • The tile gets highlighted named as Name this group
  • Next, right click on the tiles whose sizes are to be enlarged or shrinked. You can select multiple tiles in one go
  • You can see a highlighted bar at the bottom of the screen with options like unpin from start screen, uninstall, Resize, clear selection

resize windows-8.1 startscreen

  • Select resize and you will see submenu with different size options like Large, Wide, Medium and Small. But this size options won’t appear when the individual tile is to be resized.
  • Select sizes on how you want the tiles to be appeared accordingly on the start Screen.

You can now see the tiles resized the way you selected on Start Screen.

Steps to Enable or Set Desktop as your Start Screen Background

  • On the start screen, click on the Desktop tile to get to the desktop
  • In the desktop mode, right click on the taskbar and select Properties option

select taskbar properties

  • In the properties windows, click on the Navigation tab
  • In the navigation tab, beneath Start screen simply check the box besides “Show my desktop background on Start”.

show desktop wallpaper startscreen-w8.1

That’s all. You can now go to start screen and see its background changed or say similar to that of the desktop wallpaper or background.

Windows 8.1 allows user to customize the start screen wallpaper and resize the tiles also. Hope the steps described here helps you to customize Windows 8.1 start screen. [Via]


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