Create Picture Password in Windows 8.1 – How to?

If you are using Windows 8 then you must have come across the picture password. Like Windows 8, Windows 8.1 has also introduced Picture Password. But this time the security is much strong and secure your Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 operated touchscreen devices. In this tutorial we will be describing about how to set Picture password in Windows 8.1.

windows 8.1 set picture password

Windows 8.1 adds many features that were missing from the Windows 8. You get back the Start menu, customizable start screen and lock screen and many others.

The picture password proves to be useful and productive if used to secure Smartphones and Tablets meaning the devices with touch screens. The security set by picture password is believed to be strong one. If the picture patterns or the position for the respective pictures fails to match then you can’t access the device. Even slight mistakes are not permitted. You need to be sharp while creating your image pattern. You can use lines, circles or taps.

Here is how you can create picture password in Windows 8.1. Follow the steps below to set picture password on your Touch device.

  • Swipe your fingers on the right side of the touch screen that will pop up the Charms bar
  • From the charms bar, click on Change PC Settings
  • In PC Settings fly out, select Accounts
  • Next, click on Sign-in options link. Here you see Picture password tag with Sign in to your PC using a favorite photo option with Add button beneath
  • Now you will be asked to create a picture password i.e. type your current log in password to verify the account.
  • Next is the place where you need to choose picture password for your device. Hit the Choose Picture button and select your picture
  • You will be asked to drag the selected images or position it. Once you have set the position for your picture password, click on Use this picture or select a new image if you want to change for other picture

set Picture Password in Windows 8.1

  • Once confirmed. Next you are asked to draw three gestures or read the lain instructions and follow it. Draw the gestures carefully as even a change in the position can mismatch the password and prevents you from accessing the device.

If you don’t like the picture password then you can opt for other security options like Pin, email password and general password.

Hope the tutorial here helps you to create picture password in Windows 8.1 and secure your system.


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