Windows 7 Screen Glitches – How to fix it?

Does your monitor screen glitches frequently? It is really difficult to complete a task when the screen starts to glitch or the screen flickers. The possible cause may be the NVIDIA video card installed on your system has encountered some kind of problems or may be due to system overheating or due to other reasons. Here is the tutorial how you can get rid of the screen glitch.

Windows screen glitches

Firstly, you need to detect where the fault actually lies. So, check that your system monitor doesn’t have any problem in it. Get a new monitor and see if the screen still glitch, if no then the monitor is to be blamed. If this doesn’t fix the error, then try installing a different video card. If the monitor appears to fine then the video card installed previously is the faulty ones.

If the screen glitch still remains, then try updating the video cards or the drivers installed on your system. Outdated drivers can cause errors relating to video glitch or screen glitch.

If the problem still persists try changing the direct x or change frequency and resolution properties multiple times.
You can also try updating the system bios to the latest update available. Check for timings and vdimm and all other bios settings to make sure everything is optimally set as per the specific memory modules in use. CPU-Z’s SPD tab can give information regarding the BIOS settings. Visit the manufacturer’s site for the info and adjust bios accordingly.

Open an elevated command prompt and type in sfc /scannow. This is a useful way to run System File Checker. The sfc along with the scannow option will both scan and repair important Windows files and help you get rid of the error or the screen glitch.

sfc scannow

You can also try inspecting the system motherboard and see if there is an internal or hardware defect or a failing hardware unit. Lastly, try to reinstall your Windows 7 OS and see if the screen glitch occurs.

Upon following the above procedures you can most likely get rid of the screen glitch. If you are unable to fix the issue by yourself try to consulting a hardware expert to deal with the screen glitch.


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