Windows 7 Fix – Unusal behaviour like Control key is Pressed always

Microsoft’s one of the popularly used OS is Windows 7. In this tutorial we will be discussing about how to fix issues with an unusual behavior of OS like the OS responds as if the CTRL key is pressed along while using keyboard or mouse. On turning on the system the OS start responding the same way it would be with CTRL key pressed down. Hope the fixes described below fix this issue.

fix windows ctrl

On booting into Windows, you find your OS behaving in an unusual manner as if the Ctrl key is pressed down. The mouse cursor behaves like CTRL key is pressed on scrolling the mouse cursor.

Here are some probable ways to get this issue fixed on Windows PC.

It has been found that dust accumulation in between keys stuck the keys at one position. Be it the case that the Ctrl key might have gotten stuck. So turning the keyboard upside down with plug out and gently pat over it to remove the dirt in between the keys on the board.

It can also be any malware or spyware that makes the Windows 7 behave in unusual way and can be put to blame for such kind of issues. So, run full system scan using your AV or Anti-malware

Update the drivers for Keyboard and also try installing new drivers for your Keyboard and mouse. This might help remove the glitches causing such issues on the system due to the outdated drivers on the system.

If the methods descri9bed above doesn’t help, then try the steps by booting into Windows Safe mode. Reboot the system and keep on pressing F8 key when the logo appears.

Some gaming keyboard accompanies extra keys. Changes in its settings can also cause the unusual behavior of Windows. The extra keys on board perform different functions and there might be a possibility that one of them have been set to be used as ctrl key. You can set them back to default settings or disable them/ to do so, go to Keyboard settings and disable it.

Try plugging in a different keyboard and see if it helps. If everything goes fine with the new keyboard then the old keyboard is in question or needs replacement.

Once you make use of any of the steps described above, shut down the system or reboot to apply the changes to on booting in you will no longer find the problems.

Upon following the tutorial here and applying the steps described above hope all the problems like issues with Windows 7 behaving in an unusual way.


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