Windows 7: Enable/ Disable CPU Core Parking

Windows 7 includes a new feature named Core Parking. This allows you to select a set of processors that would sit idle and not run any threads based on the current power policy and their recent utilization. As a result of which the energy consumption decreases which in turn reduces the heat and power usage. Here is the tutorial how you can enable or disable the feature in Windows 7.Enable Disable CPU Core ParkingYou can get a picture of the state of individual parked cores in Resource Monitor under the CPU tab. We need to manually edit registry entries in order to enable or disable this feature. This feature optimizes energy consumption of your CPU. You might have noticed that some of the cores are marked as parked in the new multicore Intel CPU like i7.
Sometimes adjusting the Core parking boost the system performance and even reduce micro shutters which occur while playing a game or using some resource-heavy.

resource monitor

Steps to Enable or Disable Core parking in Windows 7

You can use two utilities to acquire this feature i.e. Park Control and Manage Parked CPUs.

Park Control

Park Control Utility allows you to manage Core Parking percentage instead of any registry tweak. This tool is simple but is only compatible some new generation processors like Intel’s I series or AMD Bulldozer platform. Always make sure to create a backup of your Power Configuration.

To do so open Run dialog and type in cmd to open command prompt. Next, type in powercfg.exe -qh > mybackup.txt. On clicking Yes you are directed to the application.

parkcontrol cpu parking

From here choose the power plan. Next under “CPU Parking” for “On AC” or “On Battery” click on “Enable” to enabled it and enter desired % of core you want to enable. Lastly, click on “Apply” followed by OK.

Now open Resource Monitor and verify whether Core park in enabled or not. Click the CPU tab to verify. To download this app, click this link.

Manage Parked CPUs

Using this utility is a way easier to easily enable or disable core parking for your system CPU. Click to Run the tool and select Check Status. Core parking might not be enabled for all the CPU’s, despite of the registry value indicating that the cores are parked. Press Park All or Unpark All buttons to enable or disable parking. Click this link to get it.

managed parked cpu

Microsoft’s hotfix can also selectively disable the Core Parking feature in Windows 7 or in other versions like Windows Server 2008 R2, visit KB2646060.

Before making any changes in the system make sure to set a System Restore point so that you can revert back if something wrong happens.


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