View Timings of other Countries using Windows 7 Multiple Clocks

Are you fond calculating time of different countries or you have relatives staying in other countries and you try to find the approximate time to call them according to their suitability? As we know the countries around the world share different time zone at particular time, So if you are wondering what the time is it in other country and you are unwilling to calculate the time, then here is the tutorial how you can set multiple clocks on your Windows System Tray Area that will show your local time along with show other time which you have set in different clocks.

multiple clock windows7

If you have someone in abroad and want to know what time it is in that country, to ease your task Windows 7 allows you to set multiple clocks in the system notification area that will show the local time and other clock will show other time as per the settings.

Set Multiple Clocks in Windows 7

Follow the step-by-step tutorial on how to add and set multiple clocks in your Windows 7 system

  • Go to Windows Taskbar and right click on the Clock showing the local timing and select Adjust Date/Time

adjust date time

  • In the Date and Time Window, click on Additional Clocks and select the other clock with time zone settings. Name the clocks according to your suitability, for instance, if you are setting time for clock of Canada, you can name it Canada Time or anything you wish. You can add only two additional clocks apart from your main clock.

date time additional clock win7

  • Lastly, hit OK to save your settings.

To see the multiple timings on the newly added clocks, click on the clock in the system taskbar and you can see the two clocks showing time of the respective country as set.

add clock win7

Adding multiple clocks to Windows 7 system tray, this feature is first made available in Windows 7 edition. You can now set 2 additional clocks for other countries world time displayed. This feature isn’t made available with Windows XP.

So, now when you think about getting time of other country, you can easily know by simply clicking on the clock on your system and there is no need for you to calculate any more.


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