UsefulSaver Screensaver to find CPU usages, RAM information & Hard Disk

You might have seen the Screensaver running when you leave your computer with no mouse movement or key stroke for certain period. It is a tiny app that starts running and many users make company name or some random screensavers to run in that period. You can also put up some useful information between that time on your screen, like CPU Usage, RAM utilization and Hard Disk Info (Hardware) etc. Here is the tutorial how you can show the entire mentioned feature on your screensaver.UsefulSaver screensaver

A freeware named UsefulSaver, shows different information related to your computer. This freeware tool shows the following details CPU usages, RAM information, Hard Disk activity and info, Remaining Battery Life, Current system date and time, top 5 processes that are running and consuming most of the memory on your system. If you are keen in knowing or say interested in analyzing your system or concerned about the memory and CPU usage of your Windows system. Below is the screenshot of UsefulSaver.

Windows 7 Gadgets to display Disk Activity Disk Space and a CPU Monitor

You can see a nice quote on top as well and can even change that text or add multiple quotes that appear on those certain time interval.

How to run UsefulSaver Screensaver on Windows

Download UsefulSaver Screensaver on your Windows PC and install it. Next, go to your desktop screen and right-click anywhere.

Now select Personalize from the right click context menu customize the look or choose theme for your desktop. You can use similar option if you are a Windows XP or Vista. Now click on Screen Saver at the bottom of the window that appears on the screen and change current screensaver. You can find UsefulSaver in the Screensavers on your PC. Select the UsefulSaver from the drop down and click on Settings to customize UsefulSaver.

The Screenshot for the setting options for UsefulSaver to customize the look and feel of this useful screensaver for Windows.

So, you can now analyze your system features in the time when you don’t utilize your system using UsefulSaver.


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