Use Firewall App Blocker to Block Apps from accessing Internet

Windows Firewall is an interesting feature of Windows, which helps you to block functionality of any program and also prevents from connecting to the internet and secures your system. Firewall not only prevents unwanted items on your system, but also secures your from malicious content trolling over Internet. There are certain malicious Apps which get installed on your system and help the hackers to access your computer illegally once you are connected to Internet. Here is the tutorial how you can block programs (malicious programs) from accessing Internet.

Block Apps from accessing InternetThere are much unnecessary and unwanted stuff that can block your access on Internet. You can enable the default Windows Firewall and block any program, but this involves the process that is not simpler. To achieve this, go to Control panel, then open System Security and add the program as an exception. But, you can now simply drag and drop a tool to enable all the restrictions.

A freeware utility tool called Firewall App Blocker, allows you to do so. You just need to download the app from this link. Once you have downloaded the App, run it, this will open the interface and drag drop the program to add to the block list. In the main interface, you can see only two main buttons, i.e. Add and Delete. This make makes your work much simpler. Simply browse for the executable file of the program you want to block access for and hit the Add button to add it to the block list. To remove the program, click the Delete button will remove it from the block list.

firewall app blocker

This utility tool improves the Windows Firewall functionality on your PC and also enables you to block any program accessing internet at the background. Moreover, you can achieve this for free and it the simple interface eases your work. It does not require any installation and can run from any portable USB.

The Firewall App Blocker is compatible with both Windows 7 32 and 64 versions and is believed to work fine on Vista and Windows 8.

So, now you can protect your computer by blocking the programs from accessing Internet with Firewall App Blocker.


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