Thumbnail live fails to show the preview in Windows 7 – How to fix it?

The thumbnail live in Windows 7 is one of the cool feature added as compared to the earlier version of operating system. The nifty thumbnail allows you to preview the items in the taskbar when you scroll your mouse over it. If you have opened number of windows in your browser, you can see a preview of all without going through them one by one. But, sometimes the thumbnail features seem to fail or doesn’t show the preview. Here is the tutorial how you can get the thumbnail preview of the opened task on your computer.

windows7 thumbnail not working

The previous version of OS like Windows XP somewhat shows you the description of the opened task or programs on your computer. But, in Windows 7 you can see a preview of the running programs just by scrolling the mouse on taskbar. But, due to certain errors on the computer you are unable to see the thumbnail preview.

It really irritates you if you were to see only description rather than preview in Windows 7. As the program preview helps in identifying which program is actually actively running on your computer.

To resolve the issues follow the tips described below.

Try checking your system’s display adaptors and update the drivers for videos. Outdated driver may be the culprit behind disabling of the aero feature. Updating of drivers can resolve many issues.

Many users try enabling Aero by updating the Windows Experience Index. In some case this may resolve the issue. If Aero has not been run before, after you rate your computer, it will be automatically enabled when you have a score higher than 3. If the computer rate is less than 3, you will have to either upgrade your video drivers or upgrade your video card.

takbar preview

To get to the Windows Experience Index dialog in Windows 7 go to Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Experience Index.

Generally, Windows 7 Aero requires a higher version of DirectX than the earlier versions of Windows. If you’re running Windows 7 in a virtual environment like VMWare, Virtual PC 2007, or VirtualBox, you will not be able to enable the Aero feature in Windows 7.

Upon following the steps described above you can hopefully get back thumbnail live or the preview in your Windows 7 computer.


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