Speed up Your Windows 7 PC by turning Off Indexing

The search feature in Windows Computer keeps the track of all files and folders so that you can easily find and quickly launch the programs any time. Many users very often do searches in there system. This feature is essential for those who perform frequent searches on your system. But, the demerit is that it takes up a lot of resource on the computer making your computer to slow down. Follow the tutorial to speed up your computer performance by turning off the indexing.

turn off windows search indexing
You can disable the Search Indexing service in Windows 7 to preserve the computer resource. Follow the steps below if you don’t need the search feature.

Turn off Search Indexing in Windows 7

  • Open Computer and right-click on your C: drive and choose Properties.

local disk c properties

  • At the bottom, Uncheck the box that reads Allow Indexing Service to index this disk for fast file searching
  • Click Apply and OK. This will remove all files from memory. This may take a few minutes to complete

Disable Search Indexing Feature in Windows 7

  • Right Click the Computer in the desktop and select Manage
  • Click on Services and Applications in the Computer Management window
  • Next, Click on Services
  • A list of services appears from there navigate to Windows Search
  • Right Click on Windows Search and choose Properties

windows search Indexing

  • Windows Search Properties Window will open, under the Startup type click on the drop down menu and choose Disabled
  • Next, Click Apply and then OK.

Upon completion of the above mentioned steps, you can see that Windows 7 Search Indexing Feature have been disabled. You can also feel that the computer performance has also improved.


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