How to Diagnose Windows 7 Performance Issues Without Installing Extra Software?

Windows performance issues can be now be identified and resolved without installation of any extra software. Nowadays, the most common used operating systems on the personal computers and laptops are the Windows OS. Windows 7 is one of the most convenient to use and stable Windows with very useful in-built features. Most of the features of Windows 7 are unknown to the users. The different features are described below.

windows 7

After long usage of Windows PC, many users complain about the slow speed of the computer. The slow functioning may be due to lack of space on the hard disk drive or installing unnecessary contents and software on the system. The speed of the windows can be enhanced without using any external software; this feature is available in the Windows 7 operating systems itself. This option is a free alternative to expansive PC tuning software that is used to identify the performance problems in Windows.

To use this feature, go to start and then to Control Panel. Open Control Panel and browse to Performance information and tools. When you open this option, there are many more options on the left side pane. Amongst all the options, select advanced tools.

Upon opening of the Advanced Tools, select Performance issues at the top of the window. This section notifies all the performance issues it has recorded during the normal functionality of Windows OS. In this list you can see some alerts with yellow exclamation marks; these are different kind of issues which are making the computer slow in different situations. To check what all these issues are and which programs are creating issues on your Windows PC, simply click on these links one by one and see the description.

windows 7 performance information tools

To fix the issue just follow the description. Sometimes the descriptions are quite self-explanatory and provide you with all the information which is needed to resolve the problem.

If the windows take much time during windows start-up, then disable the software that is enabled during windows start-up. As the software takes much time to enable the programs. Another problem is regarding a torrent client which makes PC slow during standby or hibernation process, so to fix the issue close the program when not in use.

At any point when you find a program or software not functioning properly, try troubleshooters, this will provide you suggestions to solve different issues. The above instructions help you resolve all the performance related issue on windows 7 without installing extra software.


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