Sharing Wireless Internet Connection without a Router in Windows 7

Many users out there must be having more than one computer and internet connected devices such as laptop, mobile phones or game consoles, have a wireless network at home. But what if you don’t have any wireless network, it would be really annoying as you would be stuck to one place only. Now, you can share Wireless Internet Connection without any Router using Windows 7. Here is the tutorial how you share internet without a router.share Internet Connection share Internet Connection To share wireless internet, firstly you need to make sure that the computer that has is to be turned into a router must have a wireless Ethernet card that isn’t connected along with this it should be connected to the internet so that it wireless connection can be shared to other devices. The type connection can either be a wired one like that of ADSL or through a USB wireless modem like 3G or EVDO.

There are several ways for setting up a Wi-Fi hotspot. One procedure is to create an ad hoc wireless network using the Network and Sharing panel in Windows 7. Alternately you can turn on Wi-Fi sharing using command netsh wlan. Here I will be telling you how you can share Wireless Internet using a third party tool called Maryfi.

Download and install Maryfi and then run the program. Upon installation you get to see a window as shown in the screenshot.

maryfi off

Now provide a name to your Wi-Fi connection and set a password. Next, hit on the button “View Network Connection to Setup Internet Sharing” that will open the Network and Sharing window of Windows 7. You are at the window which lists all network interfaces that you have in your computer including Local Area Network, Wireless Internet Connections, ADSL connection dialer and so on.

Next, right-click on the internet connection that you want to share, and select Properties

Go to tab Sharing, and check the box as shown below to allow other network users to use the connection. Next, click Select a private network connection and select the Wi-Fi connection you had created from the drop down menu, i.e. Maryfi Connection.

modem properties

Next, select Settings button, here choose services that you want to share and hit OK to save and apply the settings.

advanced settings

Once the connection is shared, you can see your Network Connection marked shared

Next, right click on Maryfi Connection > Properties. Go to networking tab > Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click the Properties button.

You should provide an IP address for the connection and a subnet mask leaving the Default gateway blank. The IP address for Maryfi Connection will by default become the IP address of the default gateway when other computers or other devices are connected to the virtual router.

Finally, open Maryfi app and click on the button “Start Hotspot”. By doing this you are now allowed or say your virtual router is all set to connect or provide wireless internet.

maryfi on

The procedure deals with making of a virtual router using your computer and that is used as router to share wireless Internet.


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