Selection of Multiple Files or Folders on Windows 7 without using Ctrl Key

How do you export multiple videos or music or any other stuff from computer to pen drive or any other disk? You either select one item and send them one by one or you hold on the Ctrl key and select the item that you want to send. Well now you don’t have to keep hold on the Ctrl key, there is an alternate way how you can select all or multiple files. Follow the tutorial to find out how you can select multiple files or folders on Windows 7 without using Ctrl Key.

select multiple files without using ctrl key

Select Multiple Files Without holding Ctrl Key

Follow the steps to select multiple files without pressing Ctrl key.

  • Open Windows Explorer
  • On toolbar click on Organize

folder option windows 7

  • Select Folder and search option
  • Now, click on View tab
  • Mark or tick on Use check box to select items

use chech boxes to select programs

  • Finally, click on Apply then Ok.

Upon completion all the steps you can now mark or select file or folder just by ticking on the box like this without holding the Ctrl key.


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