Secure PC with Disabled Autorun feature on Windows 7

You might have noticed that when you connect an external device like USB pen drives, etc. you see the auto play or autorun feature that allows you to open the files and folders. But, Autorun feature can risk the data on your computer. When you plug-in any removable device to any system, virus or any other malware that gets downloaded from the internet, infects the drive and when you insert the drive to your system the autorun feature serves as a gateway to your PC for the malware’s and viruses. Here is the tutorial how you can disable Autorun Disk or USB in Windows 7.

Disable Autorun in Windows 7

When the Autorun feature is enabled on your system, upon connecting any removable drive it allows you to open the files stored in it. The malware easily attacks and infects Autorun.inf file on the removable drive so it can easily get transmitted to your system and risk you computer and data stored in it. So, to prevent the autorun file from running on your system you need to disable the feature.

Disable Autorun in Windows 7

Follow the steps below to prevent or stop Autorun feature on your Windows 7 system.

  • Go to Start menu and open the Run Dialog box or press Windows key + R to launch the Run dialogue box
  • Now, type gpedit.msc and hit OK. This will open the windows local group policy window

Local Group Policy

  • In the Group Policy Editor, navigate to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components. Under Windows Components, look for AutoPlay Policies

Local Group Policy Editor AutoPlay

  • Click on AutoPlay Policies on the left pane and you can see the Turn off AutoPlay on the right pane


  • Next, click the option and choose the Edit option
  • Now you can see the Turn off AutoPlay window, here click the Enabled option to disable the Autorun feature


  • Lastly, click Apply and OK.

Now try connecting a USB drive, you will notice that autoplay features doesn’t appear.
Upon following the steps described above you can disable the autorun feature on your system and secure your computer and data from any malware activity.


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