How to Search the Internet From Windows 7 Start Menu?

We often wonder to search Internet within clicks from the Windows 7 start menu itself rather than opening the browser separately and then searching for the particular file or object. Do you want to search the Internet from Windows 7 Start Menu? Here is the way how you can do that. Searching Internet from the start menu directly is pretty convenient and quicker. Rather than navigating through a long list of menus, you can just type the name of the application in the search box and immediately get a list matching what you are typing. Hence, making the search easier both in Windows and Internet. Here is the tutorial how you can search the Internet from Windows 7 start menu itself. search the internet windows7

To turn on the web search from the start menu, you just need to change a setting in Windows Local Group Policy Editor. The versions of Windows 7 that support the Group Policy Editor includes Professional, ultimate and Enterprise. Follow the tutorial to search Internet from start menu.

  • Click Start, and in the search box, type GPEDIT.MSC, right-click the application and choose Run as administrator


  • This opens up an administrative console, navigate down to Local Computer Policy > Double click User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Start Menu and Taskbar

user configuration

  • Navigate to Add Search Internet link to Start Menu on right pane and double click on it to open it properties window
  • Select Enabled and click Ok.

add search

Upon completion of the above steps, now when you enter a term into the Start Menu search box this will show an option to search on internet using your default browser as well as search engine directly from the Start Menu. Once you select this option, your default web browser will open and run a search for your term with your preferred search provider. It can actually be helpful where you don’t have a browser session open and want to search the web quickly.


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