Restart your Windows 7 Explorer with a Right Click

Whenever your system crashes down or hangs and everything gets frozen at that situation rather than turning off your system using the power button what if you can restart your system from the context menu or the right click menu. However this is possible to add restart your Windows 7 Explorer with a right Click. Follow the tutorial how you can add restart option to your computer context menu.

add restart explorer in context menu

Due to some internal errors on the explorer.exe the system fails to respond to any of your action. However it will be much easier if you have restart option in the context menu.
Follow the tutorial how you can add restart option in your context menu.

  • Click Windows 7 Start Orb, type Notepad in the search box to launch notepad
  • In Notepad, type in the following commands:
    • @echo off
    • taskkill /f /im explorer.exe
    • start explorer.exe
  • Now, save the notepad file as Restart Explorer.bat
  • Again, click Windows 7 Start Orb, type regedit to launch Windows Registry Editor
  • Next, Scroll down to the key HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\Background\shell, and right click on it to create a new key and name it Restart Explorer

registry restart explorer

  • Create a new key under Restart Explorer and name it command
  • Switch to Windows Desktop, hold on Shift and right click Restart Explorer.bat file and select Copy as path
  • Paste the copied text to the Default value of command key created before

restart explorer command

Upon completion of the above steps, right click on the Windows 7 Desktop Explorer you will see the restart option being added to the right click menu.

Anyways making changes in the Windows registry is a risky task as change in any of the entries can create serious errors on your computer. If you are not good at dealing with the registry entries, then follow the alternate method that is discussed below.

Alternate way to add restart option is by using freeware tool named RightClick Restart Explorer. This is extremely a simple tool that adds Restart explorer to your right-click context menu. You just need to download the App and click on Install to add the Restart Explorer option to your context menu.

right click explorer restart

Upon following the methods discussed above, the next time when you want to restart your explorer, simply right-click and select Restart Explorer and your explorer.exe will restart. If you want to remove this option simply click Uninstall.


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