Remove Built-in or Default Games on Windows 7

Windows 7 Operating System is loaded with new features. One of them is the pre-Installed 13 different type of games. Some user’s find no use for the games included by default, especially the parents don’t want their children to waste time by playing games on the computer. Here is the tutorial how you can remove the default or built-in games from the OS.

remove games windows7

If you feel like removing the default games from Windows 7, follow the steps described below.

Remove Default Games from Start Menu

  • Go to the start Menu and Type APPWIZ.CPL and click Enter to open program and features window or type windows features on the start search box or go to control panel > Select Programs > select Program and Features
  • Click on turn windows features on or off. This will open the Windows Features screen where you can turn different default features on or off

program features

  • Un-check the check box beside Games option and click OK or expand the Games folder and select the games that you want to turn off and click OK

windows features

  • Wait for few minutes while the windows make changes to turn off the Games
  • Right click on start orb and select properties
  • Select the games option from the start menu
  • Navigate to Games and select Don’t display this item and click OK.

Upon completion of the above procedures, when you open the Start Menu, Games is no longer listed.

Remove Default Games from Registry Editor

  • Go to Start orb type regedit in the search box and click OK
  • Click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE in the Registry Editor window

hkey local machine registry editor

  • Select Software and then select the Microsoft option
  • Select Windows and click on Current Version
  • Select GameUX
  • Click on Games
  • Now click on each key separately. To the right you can view the list of the games in a special name key called AppExePath

registry editor games

  • Right click on AppExePath and select Delete to remove it.

Restart the computer after completion of the above steps to change the new settings.

Now, upon starting of the computer you won’t be able to see the default games list on the Windows.


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