Prevent Apps from running on Windows 7

Often situation arises where you need to block the access or execution of applications or say block the Apps from running on your Windows 8 system. If there are multiple users for your computer then you might be running a risk of harming your computer due to running of some unhealthy apps. In this tutorial we will be discussing about how you can block any particular apps manually without any use of third party application.

block programs windows 7

There is various third party utility available to block any Apps from running on Windows 7 PC. Here is how you can block Application from Running in Windows 7 manually using Windows registry.

Steps to block/ Prevent Programs from running on Windows 7 PC

Before moving on to the steps described below make sure to create a system restore point as the procedure below deals with Window registry editor.

  • Press Windows key + R to open RUN dialog box and type in regedit and hit enter. This will open Windows Registry Editor
  • In the registry, navigate to following location HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer

explorer path in regedit

  • If you don’t find Explorer, you need to create one. To do so, right click on policies, select New and name it as Explorer.
  • In the right-pane of Explorer, right click on an empty space and select new DWORD. This will open a window and assign the new entry with a name DisallowRun
  • Next, double click on the new DWORD and in the EDIT DWORD window assign a value data of 1
  • Now in the left pane, create new key under explorer having the same name DisallowRun
  • In the right pane of DisallowRun, right-click to create DWORD select New > String Value and name it with the App you want to block

block programs using regedit

  • Now double-click on it and in the EDIT DWORD window, replace it from 0 to name of the executable file name of the application and hit OK.

That’s all. Now close the registry and restart your system to apply the changes.
On rebooting try opening the App blocked using the steps described above. You will find that application is blocked from opening and you encounter a message stating as shown below in the screen shot.


Upon following the tutorial here you can now block or prevent Application from running in Windows 7 PC.


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