Pin Computer Icon or Drives to Windows 7 taskbar

Do you want to access my Computer directly from the Windows 7 taskbar? Since, the advent of Windows 7 it has been well appreciated by users. It featured many new and interesting features, but you might have noticed that My Computer can’t be accessed from the taskbar and when you try putting your Computer icon to taskbar, it gets pinned up with Windows explorer rather creating a new place for itself. If you wish to access any folder from the desktop, you need to pin up the folder in the system taskbar. This is the easiest way to access any folder or files on the computer. Here is the tutorial how you can pin Computer to your Windows 7 taskbar.add computer to windows 7 taskbar

Windows explorer is pinned to the taskbar and open to libraries that irritates many users. By putting Computer menu as a folder on the taskbar you can easily access your drives from the desktop itself. It is quite helpful if you can access the folder that are most used from the taskbar as you don’t have to go deep into the drives, folders and sub folders to save the file in that folder, simply pin the folder to your taskbar and you can save or access the folder within a click.

Follow the steps below to add a My Computer to Windows 7 taskbar

  • Right-click on an empty space on the taskbar and select the Toolbars menu and then click on New Toolbar

select toolbars new toolbar

  • Next, click on Computer icon and hit the Select Folder button at the bottom.

select computer select folder

Once you are done with the steps mentioned above, you can see the computer folder or drives present near the system tray icon. You can now access your Computer drives directly from the taskbar itself. When you click on the arrows, you can see the direct path to all your system drives.

access drive taskbar

From now onwards you don’t have to go to the computer and select drives as the drives can be easily accessed with a single click from the taskbar. You can try adding most used folders to the taskbar to access it easily to ease your work. You can follow the same steps to add Computer to taskbar on Windows Vista & Windows 8 too.


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