How to Open Folder of your choice from Windows Taskbar?

You must have seen that Windows Explorer icon been pinned on Windows 7 taskbar. On clicking on this icon library folder opens. Many users don’t find library folder that useful. Here is the tutorial how you can directly open any drive or folder using the very same Windows Explorer folder on taskbar.

OpenFolder from Windows Taskbar

Set your Windows Explorer to open folder of your choice from the Taskbar

Follow the steps below, to open folder of your choice from the Taskbar.

  • Open Windows Explorer and browse to the folder location which you want to open from the taskbar
  • Click on the address bar to get the full address of the folder. Copy the address to a temporary text file or notepad

browse fav folder

  • Right click on the Windows Explorer icon on your taskbar. Then, right click on the Windows Explorer option under that menu and click on Properties just above the unpin folder option

windows explorer taskbar properties

  • In the properties dialog box, under the Shortcut tab, locate the Target option. Here, you will see a location %windlr%\explorer.exe. Next to this text, leave a space and type in /e, followed by the directory that you copied to the notepad earlier

windows explorer properties

  • Finally, click OK to close the window.

Upon completion you will be able to open the folder of your choice directly from the Windows Taskbar. The above-mentioned process will turn the useless library folder to useful folder of your choice on your taskbar that means you can access the folder of your choice with a simple click.


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