Metro Style Internet Browsing in Windows 7 with Metro Browser

With the release of Windows 8, the metro style interface has been in limelight. Many users are very much fascinated by the metro interface, which makes the app developer around the globe to create App with metro interface. Many Apps are being developed keeping the metro style in mind. Here is another App discussed in the tutorial how you can browse internet in metro style.Metro Style Internet Browsing in Windows 7 with Metro Browser

Due to the popularity of the Metro style interface, most of the browser companies have already set their work on developing app style browser similar to that of Internet Explorer in Windows 8 Consumer preview. There may be no way to install the metro apps for Windows 8 on Windows 7 but you can still browse Internet in metro style with Metro Browser.

Metro Browser is not an app running on Windows 7 neither a version of Internet Explorer. It is simply standalone software with a user interface similar to that of metro.

However, all the functionality from Internet Explorer app accompanied with Windows 8 cannot be embedded into any Windows 7 software. But, still this software will give a look drawn from Internet Explorer from Windows 8. This software doesn’t need any installation, works out of the box.

To browse internet in metro interface, Download Metro Browser and Unzip the archive to open MetroBrowser.exe to launch the browser.

The App is still basic in functionality and doesn’t anticipate replacing your primary browser. Some basic features like favourite are still available and cannot open any links in new tab. You’ll have to open it into new window.

Though the features on Metro Browser are not that developed to replace default browser, but it still have good potential in its design to get foot hold. This App is useful for the users who are still not aware of Metro browsing. This would help you getting glimpses of Metro Browsing in Internet Explorer that is embedded in the Windows 8 houses.

So, now you can experience the metro browsing with Metro Browser in your Windows 7 that is without having Windows 8.


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