Manage Startup Programs in Windows 7

Startup programs are those programs or apps that get started at system as soon as system boots. You can list the startup programs in system configuration. But often users keep on wondering how the some Apps are added to the startup list. Many Applications comes with the feature to get added to the startup programs list so that they are triggered as soon as the system startup. In this tutorial we will be discussing about how to disable startup programs that are not needed at startup or system boot.

enable disable startup programs windows 7
Many programs at startup can slowdown system startup or even reduce system performance. Users keep on wondering when the Apps got added to the startup list. On installing Apps on Windows 7 system you go through an installing wizard there it asks for whether you want to add the programs at startup, if you pass through the wizard without unchecking it or doesn’t notice the message then it gets added to the startup list. Here is how you can enable or disable startup programs in Windows 7 or say manage the startup program list on Windows 7.

Steps to Manage Startup Programs in Windows 7

  • To open System Configuration, either open Press Win + R and type msconfig or open control panel and go to administrative tool under system and security OR use search box to search for msconfig
  • In the System Configuration, you can find different tabs like services, processes, startup, etc. Click on Startup tab
  • Under startup tabs you can see a list of programs running or triggered at startup. Here Check or Uncheck the boxes besides the programs to enable or disable the program at startup or Windows boot

system configuration startup tab w7system configuration startup tab w7

  • On clicking on the Enable All or disable All button at startup program list to enable or disable all programs at startup.
  • Finally, click on Apply/OK.
    Once you are done you will be prompted to Restart your system to apply the changes.

That’s all. You can now enable or disable the startup programs as you wish. As too many programs at startup tab can decrease the system performance, so it is recommended to start programs that are necessary at system boot.

Upon following the tutorial here you can now easily enable or disable the startup programs or Manage the startup programs in Windows 7.


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