Kill Programs running on Windows with DOS Commands

How do you end any executing or running application from desktop? Many users use Task Manager as it is the easy way to end any programs running on Windows. But what if the task manager is disabled on your system or gets disabled by malware activities. Here is the tutorial how you can end process using DOS command prompts in Windows PC.

command prompt

The task manager is an important feature in Windows. It lists the processes running on screen and off-screen. It also shows details of memory usage of particular programs running on Windows and even shows CPU usage. You can use Ctrl+ Shift+ Esc keys to bring up Task manager on Windows.

task manager

If your PC is virus affected then you might not have access to Windows task manager. In that case you can take help of DOS commands to start or end a program. In this tutorial we will be discussing about some of the useful DOS commands to start or end a program.

Open Command prompt, press Windows + R and type in CMD and type in the commands below based upon your required action.

TaskKill – As the command name indicates it is used to end or kill any process executing in your PC.
For instance, if you want to end your Firefox browser, type in taskkill / Mozilla Firefox and hit Enter.

Start – This command can be used to start a program on the Windows PC. For instance, to start a notepad, type start notepad.

To know the list of programs running on Windows PC type tasklist. And to know more details about start type in start/ and hit enter.

At times it has been found that the task manager stops responding or say hangs. There can be various reasons for its occurrence. In that case, DOS commands are useful.
Upon following the tutorial here you can now end any process running on PC easily using DOS commands.


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