Internet LAN Connection disrupts – How to fix it?

Internet connection disrupts after every few minutes. This issue seems to be a common one. Many folks out there might be digging in to resolve the issue. In this tutorial we will be discussing about how to fix issue with disrupting Internet connection.

Internet LAN Connection disrupts fix

Fix – Internet LAN disrupts

Many Windows user might have encountered issues with Internet disconnecting after several seconds. If you are a novice you might be wondering around how to help it. There can be several culprits causing such issues in Windows PC. Some folks might easily figure out the problem and resolve while some might not be able to.

Here are some possible fixes to resolve the issues with Internet on Windows system.

Often outdated Ethernet card can cause such troubles. So always make sure that all the hardware elements are updated to latest version.

Try disabling and re-enabling the controller. This process helps in connecting to Internet.

Outdated drivers give rise to several issues on Windows PC. Update all the drivers on the system and see if this helps in resolving your Internet connection issues.

Update your LAN Drivers. Always make sure to update or download drivers from the official site. Upon updating the drivers, reboot the system and see if this helps in troubleshooting the errors.

If the Internet fails to re-connect, check the LAN port or the cable and see if that is not a faulty one. Also check the modem if it is receiving the signals properly. If any of them turns out to be a faulty one replace it to receive continuous Internet.

Upon following the fixes discussed above, hopefully your issue with Internet connection will be fixed.

Hope the fixes discussed above help you resolving the issues with Internet connection. If you have some other fixes to suggest then write to us in the comment section below.


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