How to See the Driver Version for the Drivers Installed in PC?

There are many issues which arise due to the outdated drivers or different driver version. Often users get confused about the driver version in the Windows PC. In this tutorial we will be discussing about how to help a novice to find which version drivers are loaded in the Windows system.

find windows driver version

All the drivers installed in the system are listed under the Windows Device Manager. Device manager is where you can see the driver’s version, update drivers, whether the device is working properly or not. However, if you opt to see the version of the driver installed on the system follow the steps listed below.

Steps to Show Driver Version Installed on Windows

  • To open Device manager, press Win + R to bring upon the RUN dialog box an type in devmgmt.msc and hit Enter. You can now see the Device Manager on screen with all the device drivers on the system listed.
  • Right click on the device whose driver version you want are looking for and select the properties from the context menu

Device Manager

  • Now you see the Device properties window. Click on the Driver tab among all the tabs located. Here you can see the driver version, date of installation, etc.

driver properties driver version

  • To update drivers you can click on the button prompting Update drivers. To update the drivers you are directed to manufacturer’s website. You can also check out the Drivers details by clicking on the Check Details button.

That’s it. You can get the driver version by following the simple steps. In the General Tab, you can see current status for the device.

It is always recommended to update drivers or keep the drivers updated. Outdated driver can be the culprit behind several issues on the system. Always make sure to set a restore point before updating the drivers so that you can retrieve back if anything goes wrong after the update. Install Drivers from manufacturer website only.

Upon following the steps described in the tutorial you can now easily see what version of Driver is installed in the system. Hoe the tutorial here helps you fixing your issues and problem with Windows. If you have any issues ask us by writing it on the Comment section below.


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