How to modify Critical & Low Level Battery Action in your Windows PC?

If you are using Laptop or notebooks, then you are well aware of the warnings displayed upon encountering low battery. Your system prompts to plug-in the device to continue your work. Here is the tutorial to change the preset or default settings regarding what Windows does, after its battery level drops below certain levels.

Critical Low Level Battery Action windows

However, you might know that you can adjust your power plans when the system is plugged in or is on battery mode for better performance of the system. Windows by default sets various power levels as defaults during a low battery stage.

Following are some of the default options upon low battery

Low battery level: The default value is 10%. The system notifies you that 10% of power is remaining.

low battery level

Reserve power: The default value is 7%. It is the reserved power level, at this moment, laptop flash a warning and you need to save your work, and then find an alternate power source or shutdown your PC.

Critical level: The default value is 5% and put your laptop into hibernation mode.

Upon reaching a low battery level, Windows displays a notification and starts executing a pre-set action.

Follow the steps below to Change Critical & Low Level Battery Action

  • To change the Critical and Low Level action for the battery for any Power Plan, Go to Control Panel and open Power Options
  • Next, navigate down to Battery
  • Here you can configure the settings regarding what windows will perform when the battery level drops below certain levels.

power plan windowspower plan windows

  • The various actions while On Battery and while Plugged In are

Low battery action: Do nothing, Sleep, Hibernate, Shutdown
Critical battery action: Sleep, Hibernate, Shutdown

battery actions

You can change the default settings according to your need. While on Low battery the default setting is Do nothing and while on Critical battery, your system is set to Hibernate.

If you want to make any changes in the power plan on a laptop, follow the tutorial here and set the values accordingly.


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