How to Fix – Windows 7 freeze at Startup?

On booting in to your Windows 7 PC you find that your system hangs or freezes at startup. The hangs remain for a long time making the system unresponsiveness never ending.  However there can be several issues causing the system go unresponsive or freeze at startup. In this tutorial we will be discussing about some probable fixes to fix this issue.

fix windows 7 hang freeze

On startup Windows 7 gets stuck and resumes after a long time with only a blue background and cursor on screen. This is quite irritating as you are unable to boot in to the system or say stuck at the startup. To resolve this issue try the troubleshooting steps described below.

Corrupted files can give rise to this kind of situation. So, to eliminate the corrupt system files, run System File Checker. To do so, press Win + X and click on Command Prompt (Admin). In the elevated command prompt type in sfc /scannow and hit enter. This will run a scan on the system and replace the corrupted files on the system.

sfc scannow

Enter safe mode pressing F8 key at the flash of system logo. Next open start menu and type in msconfig or open RUN dialog and type in msconfig and hit enter.  This will open the system configuration. Go to the startup tab and uncheck or disable non-Microsoft or unnecessary startup items and restart your PC and see if this helps you retrieving from the freeze or system hangs. Lot of programs at system start up can clutter the startup and slow down or hang the startup as all the programs require time to startup.

system configuration startup tab w7system configuration startup tab w7

Run a full system scan using MSE or other Anti-virus installed on the system. Often malware or spyware prevents the system from booting or take much time to boot. Use Malwarebytes to get rid of the malwares or virus infection on the system. When you begin installing the utility tool, you will be prompted to Enable free trial of Malwarebytes PRO, simply uncheck it. Perform full system scan and reboot to see if this eradicates the hang or freeze issue on Windows 7.

If the problem with system hangs or freeze still prevails, then go for a System Restore to revert to a condition where the system worked fine.

Faulty or failing hard disk drive (HDD) can also give rise to system freeze. So run Windows diagnostics or RAM test to diagnose the health and performance of the system hard disk.

That’s all. Upon following the steps described above you can fix the issue with Windows 7 freeze at startup and resume to a perfectly fine functioning PC.


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