Get Transparent Taskbar and Start Menu with TransTaskbar in Windows XP & 7

You all might have noticed the transparent taskbar in Windows 7 & 8. The Aero transparency feature is the one responsible for the transparency in Windows. Many users are in favor of transparent feature and to have it on their system. Windows XP doesn’t avail this feature, but if you are the one with Windows XP then now you can e4nable the transparency feature in your Windows XP PC. Follow the tutorial to know how you can make your taskbar and start menu look transparent.

Transparent Taskbar and Start Menu with TransTaskbar

The transparent feature was brought out with Windows vista. In this tutorial you will get to know how you can make your start menu transparent along with the taskbar in your Windows Vista, 7 and XP.

TransTaskbar is a portable, light freeware that can make Windows Taskbar and Start Menu transparent. If you are fond of customizing your Windows XP with transparent interface of start menu and taskbar, then you can now install the app and use it. If the Aero interface doesn’t function in Windows 7 and vista then it’s because the Graphics card is not capable to run it.

transparent start menu

But, TransTaskbar is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7 and works very well without any problem.
When you download the file, you get a zipped file. Extract the downloaded ZIP file, you can see 2 files in it: TTB.exe and TTB-UI.exe

TTB-UI.exe file will be used most of the time. Run it and drag the slider to your desired value and click on Apply button, by this the Taskbar and Start Menu transparent. Since, TTB-UI.exe is a GUI application it doesn’t allow to set the transparency below 25 and this where TTB.exe comes into action. It is basically a command-line version of this application.

transparent taskbar

Open Command Prompt window and use TTB.exe in the format given:
TTB transparency_value

For example, if you want to set transparency to 10, then type TTB 10

Now, you can make the start menu and taskbar transparent with TransTaskbar in Windows XP, 7 & Vista.


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