Get Notify Upon Completion of a Program

You might have noticed that many Windows program acquire much time to complete a process. Especially the program that involves encoding and decoding use much of time. Many users feel like wasting their time while waiting for the process to end. It is really an irritating factor to wait till the completion of the process. Here is the tutorial to get notified upon completion of a process despite of waiting for the process to end.

get notify upon completion of program

The completion time of a process is hard to determine. Many computer programs calculate the approximate time remaining and some show progress bar. The program uses CPU resources while in execution. While downloading a file from the internet, the progress bar can be seen in the taskbar.

You can see the status of the downloading file or the copying file at the taskbar even when the actual program window is minimized. This might not work for all programs though. The program that is running or waiting for completion uses more than the average CPU time, one way to know when the program finishes processing is to monitor the CPU usage level. If the CPU usage remains high, it indicates the program is running and processing data. If the CPU usage falls, it might indicate that the program has completed processing or stalled or waiting for your response.

You can use programs like SuperbarMonitor or Taskbar Meters to indicate the CPU usage level easily.
Alternate way to have a close look upon the completion process is by using applications like Marxio Timer and TimeToGoAppi , which will indicate you upon completion without bothering you. It gives an alarm when the execution of a program is completed.

Marxio Timer is an advanced task scheduler that monitors the CPU usage and indicates when the usage level falls below the predefined level. This application allows you to computerize tasks based on various triggers such as time and CPU load. To indicate that your application have finished their execution it will either play a sound file or display a text box or shutdown/logoff/hibernate your computer.

marxio timer

TimeToGoAppi is another similar kind of program and is much powerful than Marxio Timer.
There is another program known as Tell When Done. It is a program specifically designed to monitor CPU usage and notify you when the program has completed processing. All you need to do is to run the program and then click on the program window you want to monitor and press a hotkey combination. Tell When Done will start monitoring that program process and alerts you by a sound or a message box when the CPU usage is found to be 0%.

You can also use CPUOff, which is a freeware app that monitors the CPU load. If the CPU load goes below a set threshold time, this program initiates the computer to shutdown.

tell when done

Upon using any of the software Marxio Timer, TimeToGoAppi and CPUOff, etc. mentioned here in the tutorial can easily monitor the CPU usage and alert you upon the execution of the program.


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